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Welcome to September 2020

Happy new month

Welcome to September 2020

The year 2020 is one ruptured by many remarkable events, especially the devastating Coronavirus pandemic that simultaneously shut down the entire globe.

The pandemic attacked us but we remained strong despite. It swept rapidly across the world leaving a stockpile of dead bodies in its wake but we survived nonetheless.

Governments ordered a lockdown of commercial and social activities, but we found a new way to reach out and network with one another.

We adapted so quickly to the “new normal” by embracing digital technology.

Schools closed down as a result, and we are strongly anticipating school resumption anytime soon, but we didn’t stop learning. With the aid of digital technology, we helped our kids continue their learning online because we consider the education of our kids to be too important a task that we couldn’t afford to leave it to chance.

Also, we used digital platforms like Zoom and Facebook to hold conference meetings online in order to keep in touch with our friends and work colleagues.

For all these, we say a big thank you to God Almighty for giving us the grace to live to this day.

So as we cross into this new month of September, and while we all earnestly await school resumption, let us bear one thing in mind: Technology is the future of work, and without grounded STEM knowledge and skills our kids will have little or no chance of being employable in the future economy.

From Edufun Technik, we sincerely wish you all HappyNewMonth!

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