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Technology Is The Future

Technology Is The Future,

Have you heard the news making rounds recently? The whole world has gone abuzz with it. It’s a great news for those in the Tech space.

Just yesterday, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon reached a staggering $200 billion in his networth, according to Forbe’s List recent release.

Amazon is an E_Commerce retail store that sells varieties of goods online,ranging from smartphones to electronic gadgets, fashion wears, jewelries, automobiles, and many more.

Jeffrey Bezos started as a young ComputerEngineer who had big dreams of using technology to solve problems and make life better for many people, and over the years this noble dream drove him to use his #Engineering skills to build his e-Commerce retail company Amazon into a global conglomerate.

Jeff Bezos’ success story not only inspires us to strive to acquire #STEM skills, but also reassures us that Technology is the future of work. The future workspace will be dominated by STEM-based careers, and only those with STEMSkills will be able to secure a foothold in the digital economy.

Today, Edufun Technik is embarking on a STEM campaign by vigorously advocating STEMEducation for kids and young people in Nigeria and Africa in general because we confidently believe that with grounded knowledge in STEM, your child can become the next Jeff Bezos in the coming decades.

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