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Summer Coding Class For Kids— What Parents Should Know

Coding is a very popular word among school teachers and educators today probably due to its constant use in the technology vocabulary, however, few parents know what it really means.

Speaking on Odenigbo Radio 99.1 FM at 8:30 AM this morning, Edufun Technik founder, Uchenna Onwuamaegbu Ugwu, in simple terms, defined Coding as the act of writing a set of commands called codes for computers with the use of programming languages.

Speaking on the practical reasons why kids need to learn Coding, the Edufun Technik boss said: “Coding helps children to develop communication and problem solving skills such as being creative/innovative, paying attention to details, having a strong retentive memory, and thinking very fast and strategically when solving a problem.”

She also mentioned some other real-life benefits of learning Coding at a young age from age 5 to 17.

• “As a digital skill, Coding is fundamental in securing a high-paying job in today’s digitally driven workplace.

• “Coding is also an Entrepreneurship skill. Young people can apply their Coding skills in building games like Scratch, and developing websites, mobile Apps, and Blogs, and selling them online for a sizable fee.

• “With the know-how of Coding, kids as young as age 10 to 12 can be prepared for the unlimited opportunities of the future such as collating, analyzing, and computing public data during relief works, national census, general elections, and more.”

In concluding the 30-minute program, She encouraged parents to take advantage of this Summer/Covid-19 period as the best time to enroll their kids in a Coding Class

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, kids are at home with their parents doing almost nothing. They could utilize this time to learn Coding skills. #Summer is also a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn Coding because they have no school homework to do at that time,” she said.

Truly, Parents have a big role in shaping their children’s future, and they can do so by supporting them through motivation, assistance in homework, providing laptops and others tools, to enable their children become equipped with Coding and other important skills of the future

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