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Project Based Learning: Best Model For Kids Education

What does Project Based Learning mean to you? Here is what Mrs Uchenna Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu, the CEO of #EdufunTechnik had to say about the subject, today, during a 30-minute interactive program on Odenigbo radio 99.1 FM—

“PBL is a teaching method that helps students to gain knowledge and skills by working for a period of time, to #research on and react to a complex challenge or question.

“PBL is viewed as a perfect model for classroom activity which shifts #learning instructions away from teacher-centered to student-centered projects.
PBL is also called ‘Learning By Doing.”‘

Here are the few PBL examples she gave—

• Design a #mobileApp

• Research Project: eg. disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence in Education

#Robots Building using easily available materials like shaped woods or metals.

#Student Farming in a garden, eg. tilling the soil and planting of corn seeds.

• Write to your Community Leader about a challenge in your community, eg. the health threats of random waste disposal on the streets.

#Geocaching, eg. searching for a bag of books hidden at the backyard using a GPS tracker

Mrs Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu also pointed out that young students can #learn about polymers by engaging in hands-on activities using locally available materials like leather, nylons, woods, and shrinking potato chips in the microwave.

Highlighting the many benefits of #PBL for kid’s education, Mrs Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu also listed these—

• PBL allows a child to demonstrate his capabilities while working independently.

• PBL unveils a child’s ability to harness needed skills such as conducting a #research work.

• PBL develops the child’s ability to work with his/her peers by building #teamwork spirit.

• PBL helps students to teach their fellow students by providing an environment for senior students to share knowledge and other useful #skills with junior students.

• PBL reduces the amount of time #teachers spend on teaching individual students.

• PBL helps prepare children for the #futureworkplace.

• PBL helps children develop strong sense of imagination, conception, subject knowledge, #creativity, learning planning, and complete a task, and also learn and develop more skills.

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