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STEM Jobs/Careers And The Question of Unemployment In Nigeria

The question of increasing rate of unemployment in Africa, and particularly Nigeria, is one that poses great concern to our social and economic development, and both governments and private organizations are working round the clock seeking solutions to that social problem

Speaking today on Odenigbo radio 99.1 FM on this week’s episode of our weekly radio program, Mrs @Uchenna Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu, a STEM Education Advocate and the founder of Edufun Technik emphasized the growing impact of STEM in the job market.

“Technologists believe that STEM can solve the problem of unemployment as the world continues to depend heavily on technology for their daily living. As the workplace shifts from a labour-based system to a technology-based one, many new STEM jobs are going to emerge,” she said.

Such STEM Jobs/Careers are:

Data Analyst
Web Development & Designer
Software Developer
Robotics Engineer
Bio Lab Technician
IT Manager
Nuclear Physicist
Civil Engineer
Computer Scientist

Speaking on the benefits of STEM Jobs, Mrs Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu also listed few substantial points that STEM workers stand to benefit such as:

• STEM Jobs account for 20% of all jobs in the United States, and is predicted by Bureau of Labour Statistics to increase 13% from now to 2022.

• Such high increase rate in STEM Jobs is far more higher than any other career fields.

• Working in STEM-related fields gives women the opportunity to effect immense positive social and economic change in the society by balancing the industrial gender divide both socially and economically.

• With the 4th industrial revolution sweeping very rapidly across the globe, there is a growing need for STEM-related Jobs in order to help drive a technology-based economy.

• Also, STEM workers are expected to earn almost double the average of what all other non-STEM workers are earning.

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