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Smart Tech Trends: Helping Young People To Stay Updated In Today’s Fast-paced Technology-driven World

According to a research conducted in May 2018 by a small group of American Educators and Sociologists, results showed that more than half the teenage population in Africa spend between 7-10 hours daily surfing through the internet and streaming on Social Media for new and exciting pieces of information.

Speaking on Odenigbo Radio at 8:30 AM this morning, Mrs @Uchenna Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu said that this tech-savvy attitude in teens is indeed a great potential that can be turned into a huge advantage in terms of education for kids.

Discussing techtrends gives kids the opportunity to:

• Become updated with the latest trends in the tech industry.

• Learn how to make good use of online platforms for purposes such as

(i) Education, eg. research, gameplay, learning;

(ii) Entrepreneurship, eg. online marketing, contents creation, blogging;

(III) Communication, eg. socialmedia.

• Kids will also learn how to search for and download mobile apps of their choice from Google Play Store. They will also learn how to effectively use YouTube, Blogs, Facebook, Email, Websites, Google, Wikipedia, etc. to generate important information.

Engaging kids from as young as age 5 and upwards in conversations centering on the latest trends in smart tech and innovations, and the use of digital technology will help to achieve 4 things:

• It integrates them into the digital economy of the ongoing 4th industrial revolution.

• It helps them think faster, smarter, and also learns how to solve problems using digital technology.

• It sparks and sustains their interest in Science and Technology.

• It gives them a strong sense of purpose and responsibility in a world rippled with the rapid emergence of disruptive technological inventions and their inventors.

Finally, availing young people with electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and computers is fundamental to unlocking their understanding of the potential of digital technology and how best to put them to good use in the wake of the 4th Industrial revolution.

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