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Global Day of Parents [June 1]

Parents are the first tutors of their children. By virtue of birth they are burdened with the task of catering for their children’s emotional, mental, material, physical, social and spiritual needs.

With uncompromising passion they commit themselves to raising children into responsible adults, and their love knows no bound. Parents are the first people from whom children learn how to talk, read, relate with others in the larger society and develop their own social and cultural values and beliefs.

Such endearing qualities possessed by parents are truly worthy of celebration. The world would not be in order without their selfless sacrifices and concerted efforts, and this is why we should celebrate them always.

To all parents out there who are committed to raising the future generations Edufun Technik appreciates your invaluable love and care, and we celebrate you this day being June 1 with a large heart. You all deserve more than just Golden medals.

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