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E-Learning: Sustaining Education Amidst Convid-19 Pandemic Lockdown

The means and method of acquiring education especially for K-12 students has drastically changed under the Covid_19 pandemic lock down.
As schools are shut all over the world as a preventive measure to contain the further spreading of the Corona virus, more than 1.2 billion children in 186 countries are now out of the classroom.
In order to continue their education despite the lock down, millions of students around the world are now accessing educational informations online using Digital Technology tools such as online learning softwares, Zoom for video conferencing, language Apps, Virtual Tutoring, etc.
Though there are some challenges associated with E-Learning such as lack of physical human contact, lack of computer and internet access, there’s no doubt that dependence on digital Technology for learning will continue to soar even post-Covid 19.
Through its YouTube channel Edufun Technik offers grade 4-6 kids STEM-based educational informations on key digital skills like Coding, Web Development and Programing.
Your education shouldn’t be suspended, you can continue learning online.

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