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The Need For Parents To Include Their Kids In Their New Year Resolution Plans Especially On Education.

The Need For Parents To Include Their Kids In Their New Year Resolution Plans Especially On Education.

It’s been observed that most times parents think only themselves when making their New Year Resolutions without involving their kids. Such a trend is potentially dangerous in the long-run.

But as recent research has shown, kids are prone to becoming more mentally developed when they’re taught to make their own resolutions based on their future dreams and aspirations.
Feeling somewhat pressured by a timeline to deliver on a project at a target time, they will learn to be resourceful and creative and critical in thinking.

One of the most effective ways to help kids utilize their time during festive seasons like Christmas and New Year is to engage them in learning new digital skills such as Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Rather than let them wander endlessly all day with their friends from one house to another, or engage in non-educational activities behind the house, parents can actually provide their kids with breathtaking Robotics gadgets like drones, electronics, and automobiles.

Playing with these gadgets will inevitably spark an insatiable curiosity for Technology in them, and will eventually lead them to develop a strong interest in STEM.

STEM education program, particularly on Artificial Intelligence, will help kids develop a critical mind for questioning virtually everything they see as to how it works and what it does.
In this regard, it’ll be a monumental turning point in their lives if parents take their kids to adequate Tech centers in their locality during the festive season and holidays like Christmas and New Year. One of the leading STEM centers in Eastern Nigeria is Edufun Technik, and you can trust that your kids will learn so much from our STEM program.

Again, watching different machines and systems performing different jobs with ease and accuracy without any human support will be such a thrilling experience for kids, and will also affect their cognitive capacities in many positive ways.

Usually, such interesting sessions should be imbued with fun games because it’s in such a manner that kids learn important skills like problem-solving, project management, cooperation, and adaptability.

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