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STEM Gender Equality
Tackling GENDER INEQUALITY With STEM Education
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Gender inequality is a global issue today. Girls are not encouraged to choose Science and Engineering courses in their university applications mainly due to societal norms that promote the idea that Science is meant exclusively for men.
This is very rampant particularly in Africa, where there’s high rate of illiteracy among women, the resulting effect being a poor representation of women in academic leadership, policy-making and capacity building.
But all hope isn’t lost. With Edufun Technik, the story is going to be different. With STEM education we’re tackling this social menace very aggressively by helping young girls learn valuable STEM skills like Coding and Robotics, and also leverage on those skills to solve community problems.
Above all, acquiring STEM skills enable them to become innovators, inventors, and tech Entrepreneurs. Armed with such disruptive skills, young girls become self-confident, cooperative, resilient and creative in thinking.
We at Edufun Technik believes that the best way to empower the girl child is by equipping her with hands-on STEM skills.

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