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A Visit To Onono Community

Three weeks ago a team of six staff members of our organization Edufun Technik with its founder and CEO, Mrs. Uchenna Onwuamaegbu-Ugwu, a Google Activist and a Photographer embarked on a 3-hour journey to Onono, a remote village in Anambra West LGA to visit a local school called Great Sailors Secondary School.

In partnership with Google and as part of our STEM education campaign in Nigeria, and by extension the entire rural Africa, we mobilized our digital resources to sensitize the students on Cyber Security, what it really means and simple measures they can take to protect themselves from cyber attack.

In Onono, GSSS students face dire challenges such as flooded classrooms due to the swampy nature of their soil, dilapidated school building, lack of professional teachers and lack of digital equipment and adequate learning materials.

But despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges facing them, the students were extremely happy to see us and very upbeat about learning. And their high spiritedness infected us so much that we stayed back and played with them a little more than our allotted time. It was more like an adventure for our staff members whom we’re mostly Corp members.

Among the things we taught them were how to create an online account like Email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and also how to create a personalized password for exclusively accessing those accounts.

Finally, we emphasized to them the negative consequence of the digital revolution such as cybercrime, examples of which are identity theft, bank fraud, document copy/theft, copyright of Intellectual Property, etc. Online criminals seek to steal people’s important personal documents such as bank account/BVN, Bio Data, Business Plan, Files, etc.

All these constitute the reason why Cyber Security awareness is very paramount to the education of every student in rural Nigeria and Africa at large, and our organization Edufun Technik is committed to its fullest implementation through STEM education.

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